Candle Making & Pottery Workshop

Candle Making & Pottery Workshop

Tiny Pause

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Join our immersive Candle Making and Pottery Workshop where you'll explore the art of candle making and pour candles into stunning handcrafted pottery made by Tiny Pause potters.

Design your custom candle with your favourite scents using high-quality essential oils and you'll get hands-on experience on the pottery wheel, mastering basic clay and glazing techniques to create your own unique candle vessels.

All supplies are provided

  • The workshop includes three handcrafted pottery vessels made by Tiny pause potters, which you can customize with beautiful coloured glazes.
  • Rustic wooden candle wicks
  • A choice from a selection of essential oils add a personal touch to your candle-making experience.
  • We exclusively use organic and eco-friendly coconut wax for a clean-burning candle you can truly enjoy.
  • You use only the highest quality tools and materials. High fire clay, wheels, bats, ribbon tools, pin tools, sponges and more. Plus you will learn all about the kiln and the magic that happens inside.

What you will have at the end of the weekend:

  • The three candles made in the handcrafted Tiny Pause vessels will go home with you at the end of Sunday's class.
  • Your hand-crafted pottery wheel vessels will be kiln-fired and mailed to you with your chosen candle scent.
  • Guided by expert instructors, you'll leave with the skills to create beautiful candles and pottery at home.

A weekend plan on Salt Spring

Welcome to beautiful Salt Spring Island! Embark on a perfect day embracing all this stunning island has to offer. Begin your Saturday morning exploring the diverse local vendors and artisans at the Salt Spring Island Market, treating yourself to lunch from one of the many delightful restaurants or food trucks available. Later, join us for a delightful afternoon of candle making and pottery, immersing yourself in the creative process. After the workshop, extend your adventure by indulging in a culinary experience at the renowned Tree House, where you can savor delicious local food accompanied by live music. With its charming shops, picturesque views, and lively arts scene, Salt Spring Island provides an ideal blend of relaxation and inspiration for an unforgettable weekend. Secure your spot today for a truly enriching and creatively fulfilling experience!

Need a place to stay for the weekend?

On Salt Spring Island, there's a wide array of accommodation options. Here is a few we recommend:

Salt Spring Inn Hotel and Restaurant

Hastings House Hotel

Harbour House Hotel

Cusheon Lake resort